Distillers Pellets

Trident distillers’ pellets are a great value alternative to traditional protein feeds like rapemeal and soyabean meal that can be included in blends, added to total mixed rations (TMR) or fed in troughs as simple mixes with other pelleted feeds. It means they’re ideal for sheep*, beef cattle and youngstock, as well as dairy cows.

Each feed also contains high levels of energy, most of which is in the form of rumen-buffering digestible fibre, making Trident distillers’ pellets a top choice to supplement high-starch diets, reduce the risk of acidosis or produce cost-effective sheep rations in combination with sugar beet feed.

More palatable and with more energy than rapemeal, and containing greater levels of minerals than in many other straight feeds, Trident distillers pellets are great mid-protein feeds that will help lift feed intakes, improve feed conversion efficiency and reduce feed costs.

                                  Metabolisable Energy                  Crude Protein                  Neutral Detergent Fibre

                                        (MJ/kg DM)                               (% of DM)                              (% of DM)

                                         13.0 - 15.0                                  26.0 – 34.0                                32 - 41

Digestible fibre – will buffer against acidosis for improved rumen function.

Highly palatable – drives feed intakes for increased milk production, weight gain or growth.

Protein quality – a rumen-bypass proportion as high as in soyabean meal.

Energy supply – more energy than in cereals, supplied mainly as rumen-friendly digestible fibre.

Yeast fragments – a residue from the distilling process, the yeasts improve fibre digestion.

Quick Comparison:

Dry matter



(ME MJ/kg DM)

Crude protein

(% of DM)


(% of DM)

Maize Distillers’ Pellets (imported)





Scottish Barley Distillers’ Pellets





Wheat Distillers’ Pellets (imported)





* Seek professional advice before feeding barley distillers’ feeds to sheep due to the potential high copper content.

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