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Tank finance scheme makes liquid feed inclusion possible

Dairy & Beef farmers previously unable to feed liquids as part of the ration, due to tank restrictions, now have access to a finance scheme to help make the investment more affordable.

Michelle Tennant, Trident Feeds liquids supply manager explains that traditionally farmers might have dismissed feeding a liquid due to not having a suitable storage tank on farm.

“Tanks are a significant investment and that’s often a common reason why producers don’t feed a liquid. We’ve set up the tank finance scheme because we want as many producers as possible to have access to liquid feeds due to the benefits on offer,” says Michelle.

“Our extensive liquid range includes a variety of high energy, protein and sugar rich liquids which are excellent stimulants for driving rumen fermentation and lifting energy intakes. They all help to mask unpalatable or dry feed ingredients and therefore drive feed intakes and reduce ration sorting,” she adds.

“The result is a higher, more consistent nutrient intake leading to increased production, particularly when rations are dry or dusty. This is why producers should consider the tank finance scheme.”

Detailing the opportunity, Michelle explains that payments can be spread over 12 or 24 months.

“We’ll provide you with a storage tank and give you up to two years to pay for it, interest free. If you’re a limited company, you can choose to pay for your tank over 24 months. If you’re not, you can still pay in interest free instalments over 12 months, via convenient quarterly or monthly repayments.

“You’ll need to have a suitable concrete pad in place to put your tank on and it’ll need to be a foot wider than the tank itself on all sides and at least 300mm deep. We’ll arrange everything else, including delivery. Once you’ve finished paying for your tank, it will belong 100% to you.”

For any farmers who would like to ‘road test’ Trident’s range of liquid products before committing to installing their own tank, a ‘tank on farm’ service is available, which means farmers can try before they buy.

For more information, contact your local feed merchant or Clare Farrington, Trident Feeds Assistant Supply Manager on 01733 422716.


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