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New UK protein source launched to industry

27 March 2019

An exciting new feed proposition has been launched to the dairy industry and is now available throughout the UK. NovaPro, a high-performance rumen protected protein, could help the sector eliminate its heavy reliance on imported soya while delivering a cost-benefit to producers.

Processing at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in the Midlands is now underway and will reach full capacity by the Summer. The plant is exclusively sourcing and mechanically crushing UK rapeseed, focussing on supplying high-quality expelled cake for the animal feed sector alongside both feed grade and refined rapeseed oils. 

Speaking at the launch event, Matt Stearn, Trident Feeds commercial manager, emphasised that the unique manufacturing process of NovaPro is what sets the product apart from traditional sources of rapemeal, with gentle heat and Xylig treatment at the heart of the process. 

“We’re importing significant quantities of soya into the UK and to be in a position to offer a credible, cost-effective and sustainable alternative, is a very exciting prospect,” says Mr Stearn. 

“Despite NovaPro’s crude protein content being lower than soya, thanks to the unique and patented manufacturing process, an equivalent level of digestible by-pass protein enables it to replace soya in rations with a positive impact on performance as well as financial gains,” he says. 

While the comparative performance of rapemeal versus soymeal in dairy cattle is well supported through positive results in 49 studies, a recent farm trial at the University of Nottingham underpins NovaPro’s launch to the industry. Dr Michael Marsden, head of innovation at Trident Feeds, extols the benefits of incorporating this rumen protected protein in rations. 

“In a trial in which NovaPro replaced soya, we witnessed an additional 1.7 litres of milk per cow per day alongside improved dry matter intake (DMI), compared to the control diet of soya and rapemeal extract. Composition analysis also identified better amino acid balance and protein utilisation, with no significant effect on milk constituents,” says Dr Marsden. 

“In a country where two thirds of our protein requirements are met by imported protein sources, such as soya, we need to look to alternative sources to reduce our environmental impact, as pressure to do so mounts from the retailer, NGO’s and the customer. 

“To be able to offer UK farmers a reliable, high-quality and sustainable alternative is a major step forward in displacing a proportion of soya,” notes Dr Marsden. 

Reviewing the financial impact of NovaPro on farm, Dr Marsden adds that it can deliver net financial gains of 20p/cow/day*. “Because of the combination of increased milk yield and lower ration costs, due to the protein substitution, we see a good number of reasons why farmers should choose to feed NovaPro. 

Kevin Ball, managing director of Yelo, the producers of NovaPro, expressed the importance of the university farm trial results in supporting the product. “It’s great to have irrefutable evidence that we have a unique, home grown, product specially developed for the UK dairy sector. We are here to help the industry move away from a more expensive, imported protein source.”

“It’s a win-win for farmers,” adds Mr Stearn. “Replacing soya with NovaPro enables a cow’s requirement of rumen degraded and by-pass protein to be met both cost-effectively and sustainably – NovaPro is a distinct proposition for UK dairy farmers. 

“The multi-million-pound investment made at the state-of-the-art processing facility which officially launched this month, demonstrates a long-term commitment to develop UK agriculture at a time of uncertain outcomes for the UK farmer,” concludes Mr Stearn. 

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