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Liquid feeds offer sweet summer savings 

Directly replacing 1.2kg of rolled wheat in dairy cow rations this summer with 1.5kg of beet molasses will save just over 4p/cow/day, equivalent to a £34/t reduction in the cost of rolled wheat, and worth more than £1,100 for a 150 cow herd. 

And if wheat prices rise further, the savings will be even greater. 

“The cost of liquid feeds based on beet molasses isn’t affected by cereal price fluctuations in the way many other energy feeds are, making them one of the stand-out buys this summer,” explains Trident’s Dean Barclay. “For May-Oct delivery, forward contracts on the 75% dry matter beet molasses, for example, are available from just £139/t, depending on load size and location. 

“That’s around 15p/10MJ ME, compared to nearly 18p/10MJ ME for rolled wheat. Anyone not feeding 1-2kg/cow/day of beet molasses or a beet molasses blend this summer is missing out on an easy opportunity to cut energy feed costs.” 

For more information contact Trident direct on 01733 422137. 

Note to editors:

Prices correct at the time of writing, all prices quoted are for 29t bulk loads delivered on-farm within 40 miles of origin. Prices subject to change.

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