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British wheat distillers: A viable alternative protein to soya

28 June 2016

Results from an independent four year study have confirmed that British wheat distillers is a viable alternative protein to soya bean and rape seed meal which can save dairy farmers money.

The results come after the completion of the £2.6 million study, titled ‘Environmental and nutritional benefits of bioethanol co-products’ (ENBBIO), which was funded jointly by DEFRA, and a range of industry partners.

“The results are a really exciting development for the UK feed industry, as British wheat distillers has the potential to reduce reliance on imported protein sources such as soya,” explains Richard Cross, Trident Feeds national general manager.

“The project’s aim was to investigate how domestic wheat distillers could compete with the protein market in Europe where 27 MT of imported soya bean meal is used every year,” adds Richard.

The feed source produced solely from British feed wheat performed well in trials, and has proven to have consistent nutritional value, as well as being highly palatable.

“The domestically-produced product contains 32% crude protein, is high in digestible fibre, and low in starch. The ENBBIO study showed the ME of the British wheat distillers to be 13.4 MJ/kg dry matter, midway between that of barley and wheat, and 12% more than rape seed meal, with marginally higher rumen by-pass protein than rape seed meal, albeit similar crude protein,” explains Richard.

“What’s more, the inclusion of wheat distillers could save producers money,” says Richard who adds that as a quick rule of thumb, where the cost of 55% soya and 45% wheat (representing similar energy and total protein to wheat distillers) is greater than that of wheat distillers producers should see savings now and over a longer time frame, with producers witnessing savings of up to 15 p/cow/day.

Vivergo, based in Hull, is committed to produce in the region of 400,000 tonnes of the domestically produced protein source throughout 2016.

“Trident is more confident than ever that that it can provide farmers with a reliable source of protein, one that will be a cost-effective alternative to imported proteins such as soya and supports British agriculture.”

For more information contact Trident direct on 01733 422214.

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