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Act now to grab a great mid-protein deal

With the price of rapemeal already starting to climb, now’s the time to grab a great winter deal on mid-protein feeds like Scottish barley distillers’ feed, before the market responds and prices follow rapemeal upwards, states Trident’s Neil Woolf.

“Prices for all mid-proteins had previously dropped as the oilseed crushers attempted to sell rapemeal into a market that wasn’t buying,” he explains. “Now rapemeal’s bottomed out, those without cover for the winter will be quick to enter the market, pushing prices even higher.

“But the delay before other mid-proteins follow suit creates a great opportunity to buy, with Scottish barley distillers’ feed probably the current ‘best buy’ for TMR mixes and blends this winter – more energy and rumen-bypass protein than rapemeal, plus yeast fragments to help stimulate rumen activity and drive yields,” he adds. 

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