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Digestible fibre key to smooth transition 22/09/2011

For store lambs, the transition from autumn grazing to indoor finishing is critical if digestive disorders and growth checks are to be minimised. Both are major causes of reduced margins, with acidosis also the main reason for the high rates of store lamb

Act now to grab a great mid-protein deal 01/09/2011

With the price of rapemeal already starting to climb, nows the time to grab a great winter deal on mid-protein feeds like Scottish barley distillers feed, before the market responds and prices follow rapemeal upwards, states Tridents Neil Woolf.

Dont let complacency get in the way of good winter rations 23/08/2011

With earlier concerns about potential forage shortages no longer an issue for most of the country thanks to the summer rains, the need to plan winter rations and secure feed supplies early might seem less important. But with limited availability of many k

Cover up and save money 01/08/2011

If just 15cm of damp affecting the outside of a round bale is equivalent to a 35% loss in total volume, then leaving straw and hay bales scattered across fields or in uncovered stacks is losing farmers 1,000s every year.

Interest-free loan for tanks make liquid savings even sweeter 01/08/2011

With liquid feeds one of the best value sources of energy for the coming winter, Tridents latest interest-free tank scheme couldnt have come at a better time.

New website for Trident 01/07/2011

Trident has launched a brand new website at Designed for farmers, advisors and merchants, the new website is easier to use, more comprehensive and full of the latest information about Trident products and services.

Nutritional solutions help tackle heat stress 01/07/2011

Nutritional solutions help tackle heat stress this summer The negative impact of heat stress on dairy cows is often underestimated, yet the cumulative effects of reduced yield, poorer reproductive performance and compromised animal health can significa

Savings to be found by tackling high protein feed 01/07/2011

Despite recent movement in protein feed prices, the high cost of relying on soyabean meal and rapemeal to meet dairy cow protein requirements looks set to continue through the summer and into next winter.

Understanding fats market the key to buying well 01/07/2011

Rumen-protected fats are used by many herds to minimise negative energy balance in early lactation and improve milk production, but their cost isnt affected by the same factors that influence the price of most other feeds.

Liquid feeds offer sweet summer savings 24/03/2011

Directly replacing 1.2kg of rolled wheat in dairy cow rations this summer with 1.5kg of beet molasses will save just over 4p/cow/day, equivalent to a £150 34/t reduction in the cost of rolled wheat.
Displaying 71 - 80 of 82 matches

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