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Careful ewe feeding the key to successful lamb production 20/12/2011

Warm weather and excellent grass growth in large parts of the UK this autumn means that many ewes will have gone to the ram in good condition. This should help lift lambing percentages, but will also have increased the likelihood of ewes entering late pre

Potential acid loading in grass silage needs a balance 28/11/2011

Winter forage quality has been particularly inconsistent this year, with the various regions of the UK experiencing dramatically different weather during silage-making. Whilst those in the north and Scotland continue to battle wet weather, the high temper

Scottish barley distillers feed the best for blends this winter 24/10/2011

With more energy and rumen-bypass protein than rapemeal, plus yeast fragments to help stimulate rumen activity and drive production, Scottish barley distillers feed is probably the current best buy for blends and TMR mixes this winter.

Sheep and goats gain benefits from sugar beet feed 19/10/2011

One of the most important factors in successfully feeding sheep and goats is the need to maintain a balanced fermentation in the rumen by supplying plenty of digestible fibre. Supplementary feeding is also needed at certain times of the year to ensure eno

Digestible fibre not the whole story 14/10/2011

The term digestible fibre will be familiar to many dairy farmers, as will its importance in helping to optimise rumen function and buffer against the risks of acidosis. But according to Trident technical manager Dr Michael Marsden, when it comes to

The great Trident treasure hunt 12/10/2011

Trident has hidden a number of Golden Tickets inside this years production of bagged British sugar beet feed as part of a treasure hunt that will win one lucky customer 500 cash. The other tickets will each net the finder 50 cash.

Half the fat, but make sure its still got all the quality 28/09/2011

So-called 50% fats are a great option for dairy producers looking to gain the benefits of rumen-protected fats without the cashflow commitment required by 100% fat products. But according to Tridents Daniel Chilvers, its important to pay close

British sugar beet feed the secret to cattle feeding success 22/09/2011

Whether feeding youngstock, beef cows or dairy cows, the secret to success lies in maximising the benefits that come from their unique digestive system. The rumen is capable of converting huge volumes of lower cost plant material into high value meat or m

Digestible fibre key to smooth transition 22/09/2011

For store lambs, the transition from autumn grazing to indoor finishing is critical if digestive disorders and growth checks are to be minimised. Both are major causes of reduced margins, with acidosis also the main reason for the high rates of store lamb

Act now to grab a great mid-protein deal 01/09/2011

With the price of rapemeal already starting to climb, nows the time to grab a great winter deal on mid-protein feeds like Scottish barley distillers feed, before the market responds and prices follow rapemeal upwards, states Tridents Neil Woolf.
Displaying 61 - 70 of 80 matches

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