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Liquid feeding value an opportunity this winter 26/09/2012

With a huge range of products offering great value for money, liquid feeds are rapidly becoming the must buy option this winter. We talked to KW nutritionist Dr Richard Wynn to find out what liquid feeds have to offer, and how to make sure the right

500 Golden Ticket Winner! 07/09/2012

Top prize in the Great Trident Treasure Hunt has been claimed by Mr A P Andrews from Devon, who found the 500 Golden Ticket in a bag of Trident supabeet purchased from his local Trident merchant, Mole Valley.

Downgraded cereals feeding opportunity needs careful balance 07/09/2012

Following this years poor weather, significant volumes of wheat are being downgraded due to low bushel weights and the inherent reduction in nutritional value.

New beef feeds will reduce costs and boost performance 16/08/2012

For beef producers wanting better value protein feeds, the new distillers feeds due to be produced by the Vivergo Fuels bioethanol plant near Hull will provide a great opportunity to reduce feed costs.

Seventh Golden Ticket Winner! 05/08/2012

The Great Trident Treasure hunt has had its seventh Golden Ticket claimed. The 50 ticket was found by the lucky winner, Mr S W Cornelius, from Cornwall.

Sixth Golden Ticket Winner! 01/08/2012

The Great Trident Treasure hunt has had its sixth Golden Ticket claimed. The 50 ticket was found by the lucky winner, Steve Cornforth from Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Alternative protein strategies key as feed markets remain strong 06/07/2012

High protein feed prices continue to put margins under pressure. We talk to KWs Chris Davidson and Tridents Dr Michael Marsden to find out whats causing the problem and how to tackle it head-on.

The right type of growth vital for optimum heifer performance 29/06/2012

Keeping heifers growing well during the grazing season is one thing, but Tridents Dr Michael Marsden is also urging dairy producers to make sure its the right type of growth this summer.

Fifth Golden Ticket Winner! 03/05/2012

The Great Trident Treasure hunt has had its fifth Golden Ticket claimed. The 50 ticket was found by the lucky winner Mrs Eleri Williams, from Gwynedd.

Early planning the key to managing summer forage shortages 02/05/2012

With unpredictable weather seeming to cause forage shortages in at least part of the country virtually every year now, Tridents Dr Michael Marsden looks at the options to minimise the impact.
Displaying 41 - 50 of 82 matches

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