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Dairy farmers attitude to adversity reaps rewards 16/12/2015

The UKs first Skyr producer has successfully manufactured around three tonnes of the Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yoghurt, since the opening of their on-farm production facility this summer.

Maintain best practise calf rearing 27/10/2015

Despite low milk prices and the temptation to cut costs, dairy farmers are being urged to maintain best practise calf rearing to ensure that the internationally accepted higher lifetime milk production, linked to rapid growth in the first few months of li

Rumen health key to expansion strategy on Welsh dairy unit 29/04/2015

Extensive expansion plans, coupled with the drive to increase rumen health, means that there is no room for complacency when it comes to nutrition management at Calcourt Farms, Montgomery.

Precision feeding key to cost effective lamb growth 16/04/2015

Encouraging the rumen to develop as early as possible could be key to profitable lamb growth during the spring.

Alternative liquid source now available 01/10/2014

Livestock farmers worried about forage quality this winter now have a new option when it comes to improving palatability and energy.

Trident announces availability of a source of domestic protein 18/09/2014

Trident Feeds is pleased to announce that the animal feed manufactured and marketed as wheat distillers from the Vivergo bioethanol plant, based in Yorkshire, is now available through local suppliers.

Falling milk prices dont have to affect production 03/09/2014

Dairy farmers are set for a difficult six months as milk prices look set to fall again. However, producers are being advised to explore feeding options and consider the role of liquids fully before making hasty cost-saving decisions.

Early silage analysis is highlighting variable quality 02/09/2014

Favourable growing conditions have meant that many farmers have produced bumper crops of grass silage. However, early analysis results are not as promising as some may expect.

Palatable feed choice vital for rams as tupping approaches 29/08/2014

As the breeding season gets underway, producers are reminded of the important role that a palatable feed source can play during the tupping season.

Vegetable Oil Market Report April 2013 17/04/2013

Palm oil futures have been mostly unchanged since October 2012. They traded today at Myr 2302 / mt. The highest in these 8 months was 2568 and lowest 2222 / mt. A range of about $100 / mt which by recent standards is very stable.
Displaying 21 - 30 of 82 matches

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