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Cost-effective energy source proven in trials 01/09/2016

LactoBoost, a new liquid energy product, available to producers in Northern England and Scotland, has been proven to maintain dairy cow performance when a proportion of cereals are replaced, and could save dairy farmers up to 12 pence/cow/day, based on re

Dairy heifer replacements key to future success 22/08/2016

For many dairy farmers an effective calf and heifer rearing programme is at the core of the business, but with an outlook of reduced income for many producers, the time to scrutinise costs across the enterprise may be necessary.

Piecing together the nutritional puzzle 22/08/2016

As daylight hours reduce and the tupping season approaches, producers are being reminded how important nutrition is to help maximise overall performance and productivity of rams, ewes, and subsequently lambs.

Liquid feeds key to maximising value of home-grown forages 15/08/2016

Farmers looking to maximise the value of home-grown forages this winter are being encouraged to consider the role of liquid feeds. Bethany May, ruminant nutritionist at Trident Feeds says that the latest results from Trouw Nutrition GB SilageWatch indi

Maximise early lean growth to meet carcase specifications 28/06/2016

Beef producers need to review the value of by-pass protein in young stock diets to maximise carcase returns as a result of changes to some beef contracts and specification requirements.

Feeding critical during grazing to maximise milk price 01/06/2016

Dairy farmers are being urged to get-to-grips with their milk contracts and review nutritional inputs to ensure they are maximising the available revenue from every litre produced.

British wheat distillers: A viable alternative protein to soya 01/05/2016

Results from an independent four year study have confirmed that British wheat distillers is a viable alternative protein to soya bean and rape seed meal which can save dairy farmers money.

Nutrition key to successful lambing period 17/03/2016

This winter, mild temperatures and record rainfall levels have led to grazing that may be unable to meet ewe requirements during late pregnancy as intakes may be below normal.

Dairy farmers attitude to adversity reaps rewards 16/12/2015

The UKs first Skyr producer has successfully manufactured around three tonnes of the Icelandic cultured dairy product, similar to strained yoghurt, since the opening of their on-farm production facility this summer.

Maintain best practise calf rearing 27/10/2015

Despite low milk prices and the temptation to cut costs, dairy farmers are being urged to maintain best practise calf rearing to ensure that the internationally accepted higher lifetime milk production, linked to rapid growth in the first few months of li
Displaying 11 - 20 of 80 matches

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