Farm Health & Safety

Now more than ever Health & Safety in the agricultural industry needs to be at the forefront of everybody connected with farming and adopted in their everyday life.

With an average of 40-50 people killed each year, agriculture is regarded as the UK’s most dangerous industry to work in. We now really need to work together and encourage more people in the industry to make small changes to improve standards of health & safety and make it a safer environment for all those involved on a daily basis.

Big changes may not be needed; instead, small changes such as improving farm access, training staff on how to operate machinery properly, working from heights safely and storing products correctly will in return improve productivity in the industry immensely. These positive changes will increase awareness and hopefully reduce the number of accidents.

Briefing staff and family and displaying health & safety procedures such as posters is a great way of encouraging more people to follow them. Also, adopting the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) “Come home safe” campaign (which AB Agri is a part of) highlights ways to avoid hazards and stay safe. For more information on this campaign please visit:

Alternatively the HSE offers Safety and Health awareness days for more information please visit:

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