Frequently Asked Questions

ShowHideI am a farmer, can I buy directly from Trident?
Trident are a wholesale business so you will need to order products through your local feed merchant. Please click here to visit our Find a merchant page.
ShowHideHow do I find my nearest stockist?
To find your nearest stockist, please click here to visit our Find a merchant page.
ShowHideCan you tell me the price of your products?
As Trident are a wholesale business your local merchant will be able to discuss prices with you. Please click here to visit our Find a merchant page.
ShowHideCan you tell me who stocks your product in my area?
Please contact your local feed merchant to see if they stock the product you are interested in. Our Find a merchant page also displays other merchants in your area.
ShowHideHow soon after I place an order can I expect the product to be delivered?
Three working days or subject to availability.
ShowHideAre all your products available all year round?
We endeavour to keep our product availability as consistent as possible throughout the year, however we are a co-product business and availability can be interrupted. Your local feed merchant will be able to let you know about current availability, please click here to visit our Find a merchant page.
ShowHideAre all products available in all areas?

We try and offer products to as wide an area as possible, please contact your local merchant for availability.

ShowHideAre all your products quality assured?

Yes, all of our products are UFAS accredited. Please click here to view our quality policy and our UFAS certificate.

ShowHideI need an Assurance certificate for my farm audit, is one available?

Absolutely, please click here to download our UFAS certificate.

ShowHideI have a problem with my Trident product, who do I contact?

If you have a problem with your Trident product please contact your local merchant.

ShowHideI am ordering a new bulk bin, can you tell me the bulk density of your products?
ShowHideI am a merchant and would like to order some more of your products.
If you would like to find out about more of our products please contact your regional manager. Please click here to visit the Contact us page.
ShowHideI am based outside the UK, can I still order your products?

If you are based outside the UK please contact our customer service department or one of our Regional Managers and they will be able to help you.

ShowHideI am a nutritionist/technical advisor, do you have any further technical information on your products?
We do have access to further technical documents and information. Please contact our Technical Manager Michael Marsden if you have any questions at
ShowHideI am a food/drink producer and am looking to maximise the value I get from my co-products, who do I contact?
If you are looking for a company who will get the maximum value out of your co-products then please contact our Business Development Manager Richard Cross at
ShowHideHow do I work out my daily ration?
Your local merchant or feed advisor should be able to help you with this. Product specification sheets are available in our product section of the website.
ShowHideCan you send me a sheep diary/flock book?
Unfortunately we no longer produce the Sheep diaries/flock notebooks. However they are available if you join EBLEXs Sheep Better Returns Programme. For more information please email
ShowHideWhat is the expiry date of sugar beet?
As long as the product is stored in suitable dry conditions it should last indefinitely.
ShowHideI have horses, how long do I need to soak my sugar beet before it is fed, and how long will it keep once it is soaked?

For more information please click here to view our Equibeet Q&A.

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