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To find your local merchant who stocks Axcelera-C from AB Neo please contact one of the merchants listed below.

Carrs Billington

T: North England & Scotland 01228 518860

T: South England & Wales 01785 760535

E: web.enquiries@carrs-billington.com

W: www.carrs-billington.com


T: 01437 562 400

E: customerservices@ccfagri.co.uk

W: www.ccfagri.co.uk


T: 01765 689 666

E: sales@wejameson.co.uk

W: www.wejameson.co.uk

KW Alternative Feeds

T: 01977 686262

E: info@kwalternativefeeds.co.uk

W: www.kwalternativefeeds.co.uk

Lakeland & Scottish

T: 01768 899513

E: jerry@lakelandscottish.co.uk

W: www.lakescot.co.uk

Maelor Feeds

T: Wrexham: 01978 780280

T: Oswestry 01691 238585

W: www.maelorfeeds.co.uk

Mole Valley Farmers

T: 01769 576419

E: info@molevalleyfarmers.com

W: www.molevalleyfarmers.com


T: 01464 831261

E: customer-services@norvite.com

W: www.norvite.com

Tarff Valley

T: 01557 820247

W: www.tarffvalley.co.uk

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