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New lower-cost fats from Trident

FatBoost and MilkBoost are two new rumen-protected fat products from Trident developed specifically to meet growing demand for mid-range alternatives to the products currently available.

More affordable than traditional rumen-protected fats, but still made using only the highest quality FEMAS-accredited ingredients, FatBoost  contains high levels of C16 fatty acids to help increase butterfat levels as well as milk yields, whilst MilkBoost incorporates a broader range of fats targeted at improving milk yield, body condition and fertility.

“FatBoost and MilkBoost are ideal for dairy producers not needing the higher energy levels provided by existing fat products, or for those looking to ease back on feed costs without losing all of the benefits that fat-based energy can provide,” explains Trident’s Daniel Chilvers.

For more information contact Trident direct on 01733 422214.

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